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The 100-Club has been formed by Old Devil Alumni to support the Tempe Rugby Football Club and its many activities.

These funds will be used to support the Tempe Rugby Club in their drive for a National Championship, sponsor and support the Juniors youth (U19) program, and support charitable activities in the valley throughout the year.

To join the 100-CLUB, an individual is encouraged to contribute product, services, or money to the Club with a minimum value of $100.  The Tempe Rugby Football Club operates under a 501©3 designation, so all contributions are tax deductible.

Members of the 100-CLUB will be posted on the temperugby.com web site, be hosted at all home game functions, and receive a distinctive Club T-shirt, which changes each competitive year and is normally only reserved for active players.

Please contact your Tempe Rugby Football Club Old Devil Liaison, Chuck Tonne, if you have questions or would like to join the 100-CLUB at 480-540-1299 or at chuck.tonne@verizon.net

Charter Members:    
Tim Blau    
David Daulton    
Ed Roberts    
Scott Chambers    
Jim Keller (San Felipe's)    
Bill Lewis    
Frank Costello    
August Schmidt    
Sean McTaggart    
Chuck Tonne    
Nate Myres (Nate's Pub)    
Bob Bosserman    
Ed Hunter    
Jeff Manly    
Brandon Lambrecht    


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