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  Welcome to the Tempe Rugby Club Admin page.

  In order to meet with the club’s membership requirements, we have posted everything you need here. If you are planning to play for the Tempe Rugby Club, please take a moment to complete the following steps:
  • Step 1 – Complete an Electronic Player Information Form

Please provide general information including, but not limited to contact information, personal stats, experience level, personal insurance coverage, etc. Please complete and submit a copy to the club secretary.
»New Player Profiles

  • Step 2 - USA CIPP Registration

In order to be eligible to play any games with the club you must be registered under the USA Rugby general liability insurance plan as a Tempe Rugby Club (ID#21594) member. Please complete and submit a copy to the club secretary.
»USA Rugby

  • Step 3 – Complete an Electronic Code of Conduct Form

The Tempe Rugby Club demonstrates a professional and sportsman-like demeanor at all times on and off the pitch. Please complete and submit a copy to the club secretary.
»Code of Conduct

  • Step 4 – Initiate Your Dues Payment (see Treasurer)

Membership dues are collected on an annual basis.  Whether you pay in full or in payments, the club treasurer can assist you with selecting a payment plan.  Players must be current to be eligible for competition.  Payments can be made in person with cash/check or by using a Visa debit/credit card and the convenient Paypal link.
»Dues Schedule

»Click on the Paypal link below for MENS and UNDER 19 payment only
Pay Dues
  • Step 5 – Complete an Electronic Waiver(s) - (Youth Only)

Players under the age of 18 must have their parents consent to play rugby with the Tempe Rugby Club. Please complete and submit a copy to the club secretary.
»Parent Waiver

  • Step 6 – Provide Electronic Copies of your Credentials (Require for Playoffs)


   » Club Shop
We have provided a faster and convinient way for you to pay your dues or any donation offer.
Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Please select from the following options to pay your dues.
Please contact Ben for any question about using Paypal.

   » Recruiting
Please feel free to complete an “Information Request” form located under the Recruting tab and we will follow up with you with more information. Or, you may send an email to:

Email: Brandon Thompson
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