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Dues Payment Schedule
21 years old and older:
Under 21 years old:
Social/Alumni Members

All players are required to cover their own CIPP costs.
Players not meeting the required minimum payment by the corresponding date will not be eligible for selections.

Minimum Amount Due to be Eligible for Selections.
Sept 1, 2008
Oct 1, 2008
Nov 1, 2008
Dec 1, 2008
21 & Over
Under 21

All Players who pay in full by October 1st get a free Tempe Old Devils T-shirt and socks!!!

Tempe Serious Sevens Program Dues for anyone who has not paid club dues: $25

If you see any problems with meeting any of the deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact Michael to work something out before the due dates or game days.



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Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

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Please feel free to complete an “Information Request” form located under the Recruting tab and we will follow up with you with more information. Or, you may send an email to:

Email: Brandon Thompson
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