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Dear Parents and Prospective Athletes,

As a not-for-profit amateur athletic organization, the club relies on membership contributions (player dues) and outside sponsorship to fund our activities each year.  Each year in the August Annual General Meeting (AGM), the club membership, led by the Tempe Rugby Club Executive Board determines and approves budget requirements for the upcoming year.  As a new member of the club, junior players and their parents should consider expenses for the following items:

Compliance-related Expenses:

  1. Annual Registration (General Liability) with USA Rugby Football Union (Also referred to as ‘CIPP’)
  2. Annual Club Dues (see current dues schedule on temperugby.com)
  3. Health Insurance (required)

Equipment Expenses:

  1. Rugby or Soccer Boots (a.k.a., Cleats)
  2. Rugby shorts/socks (required/black)
  3. Club Warm-Up T-shirt (required)
  4. Safety Mouth Guard (required)
  5. Safety Rugby Headgear (optional)
  6. Club Travel Polo (blk)
  7. Rugby Practice Jerseys (optional/encouraged)

Best regards,
Tempe Rugby Club


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