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  The Tempe Old Devils were formed in 1980 as a men’s club for graduating Sun Devils from Arizona State University. Bill Kimball, a formidable coach in the 1980s, helped build a tradition based on a succession of Arizona Union Championships and Pacific Coast Playoffs against the likes of OMBAC, Old Blue (San Francisco), Old Puget Sound and Belmont Shore. Also in the late 1980s Tempe had a run of three Michelob Tucson Tournament wins beating the Albuquerque Aardvarks, Santa Monica, and the Tucson Magpies in the finals. They lost their fourth final to OMBAC in 1992.

  The club won their first Pacific Coast Championship in 7s rugby in 1993 with an historic win over Old Blue in Bakersfield. This also brought a flow of representative players into the Pacific Coast Grizzlies in both 15s and 7s. Salty Thompson, Mike Dwyer, Larry Sims, Merrick Firestone, Scott McKinney, Dave Goldberg all paved the way for future All Stars.

  Tempe made a bold move into the newly formed Southern California territory in 1995. The Old Devils won the 2nd division Southern California title and ended as the number two team in the country at the 1996 National Final Four in Chicago. This helped spur the club into a successful run of three National Sevens Championship appearances, finishing 2nd in 1998 to San Mateo.

  During this era Salty Thompson coached the Southern California 15s select and 7s and Tempe had excellent representation with Dave Blank, Tim Moran, Jeremy Revell, John Coady, Tomalati Maafu, Bret Fullerton, and Rick Shaw in the national ITTsThe Old Devils also produced their first 7s Eagles in Kevin Torkelson, Matt Dallow, and Jeremy Revell.

  After five years in the Southern California leagues Tempe returned to the Arizona Union and the National 2nd division. In 2001 Tempe claimed the Union Championship and finished 2nd in the Pacific Coast. Despite a 2nd place in the Arizona Union in 2003 the Old Devils have made the 1996 and 2004 National Final Four championships. Bret Fullerton made the Eagle pool at hooker and Michal Wrobel the Pacific Coast Grizzles at prop.

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