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  Dear Prospective Player/Athlete

  We would like to take a moment to welcome you to Tempe Rugby Club. As presidents of the club we are proud of the tradition of winning on the pitch, as well as our reputation of being organized and well structured off the pitch. For the gentlemen, there are other Menís Rugby Clubs in the valley so we would like to thank you for choosing the Tempe Rugby Club family.

  We are a team committed to hard work, with the singular goal of winning a National Championship. And as the sole Womenís team in the valley we would also like to welcome you to the club. Tempeís Women have the reputation in Southern California Rugby Union for bringing a winning attitude and hard nosed play to each and every match.

  We are one club, and we are very proud of our success at the Womenís, Menís and U-18 levels. Our U-18 Rugby Club has won three consecutive state titles and looks for more of the same in the future. Whether it is at the U-18, Womenís or Menís Divisions, Tempe Rugby Club is in constant pursuit of athletic success.

Thank you once again for considering our club,

Sam Merrill
Megan Prince
Tempe Rugby Football Club Presidents


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