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Austin 2010 The Tempe Women’s division is the newest club to join the Tempe Rugby family. Once known as the Scottsdale Lady Blues, these women became part of Tempe in Fall 2009. With an extremely competitive schedule before them, the Tempe Women’s Club is looking to advance their skill level and increase the intensity of play on the rugby pitch.

The Tempe Women’s Rugby Club (TWRC) participates in the Southern California Rugby Union as governed by USA Rugby. They are located in the Phoenix metro area and regularly travel to games and tournaments all around the country. In general, their schedule consists of a competitive 15’s season in the spring, exhibition play in the fall, and 7’s rugby during the summer months. Throughout the year the Tempe women can be found serving their community, building team unity, and organizing various fundraisers.

Tempe Women’s Rugby players and coaches come with experience and knowledge of the game that span almost 20 years. The women that make up the team are from all over the country and have experience in a variety of sports. Even though it is not a widely popular sport in the United States, rugby attracts athletes because of the physical and mental challenges associated with the game along with the camaraderie built into the team atmosphere.

The mission of TWRC is to rise to the next level of competition in the women’s division through hard-work, dedication, and an ever growing passion for the sport of rugby. The club culture consists of a competitive attitude/focus, structure, organization, cultural diversity, social events and most importantly team support and camaraderie.

Practices are open to any players regardless of experience. The only requirement asked of all participants is to give 110% effort and maintain a positive attitude. If you’d like to know more about rugby and playing with the Tempe Women then please click here.

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