The Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame serves to represent the most distinguished group of men and women ever affiliated with the Club. Nomination and selection decisions shall be based on an exceptional body of work and characterized by extraordinary talent, impact, contribution, and excellence on- and/or off-the- pitch. Furthermore, selection decisions shall be fact-based, verifiable, and free from bias, personal agendas, and other inappropriate influences. Ultimately, inductees into the Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame will have embodied our Club values and will go down in history as the elite members in our family history. A candidate’s resume will expound on their specific achievements and contributions on- and off-the- pitch.

Inaugural Hall of Fame Class of 2019
Hall of Fame Members

2019 Inaugural Class:

  • Mr. Dave “Jumbo” Blank
  • Mr. Junior Fa’aso’o
  • Mr. Joe Fahey
  • Lt Col Brian Haws, USAF, Retired
  • Mr. Bill Kimble
  • Mr. Tomalati Maafu
  • Mr. Timothy Moran
  • Mr. Bill Parks
  • Mrs. Megan Prince
  • Mr. Lee Redlegs
  • Mrs. Katie Thompson
  • Mr. Salty Thompson
  • Mr. Chuck Tonne


Future Classes
2022 – TBD
2025 – TBD
2028 – TBD

Nomination Eligibility Requirements
  • A Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame nominee must have played with the Club for a minimum of 5 complete years on the Sr. Men’s or Sr. Women’s A-side.
  • A Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame nominee must have previously retired from competitive play (A-side) a minimum of 5 years.

The following one-time exception provision was applied during the inaugural year (2019) selection process only.

Exception Provision for 2019 – Since joining the Tempe Rugby Club in 2009, members of the Sr. Women’s Team must have played with the Club for a minimum of 3 complete years on the Sr. Women’s A-side. Additionally, a nominee must have previously retired from competitive play (A-side) a minimum of 2 years. This exception provision is only applicable during the inaugural year (2019) selection process.  For all future HoF classes, the standard Nomination Eligibility Requirements above will apply to all member candidates.

Selection Criteria
A Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame candidate must have consistently made a significant and substantial contribution on- and/or off-the-pitch.


● Distinguished participation in, and contribution to, the Tempe Rugby Club by a player, coach, and/or administrator.

● While each nominee’s rugby achievements are the most important consideration, their conduct and record during and after the conclusion of their athletic endeavors will also be weighed.

● Teams and groups are also eligible for nomination and will be considered based on the degree of difficulty of their achievement, the uniqueness of their achievement and whether or not their achievement is replicable by another. If a team or group is elected, no one individual will be singled out in that selection (e.g., 2016 National Championship Sr. Men’s Team).

Nomination Process
Anyone may nominate a candidate or self-nominate for induction into the Tempe Rugby Club Rugby Hall of Fame. Please submit a Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame nomination form, which will be made available through Tempe’s multiple communication channels during the nomination period of an induction year.

Nomination submissions must 1) include a clear timeline of the candidates career with the Club including specific years of membership, specific years of A-side selection, and the specific year of retirement from competitive play (i.e., A-side); 2) clearly articulate what the nominee has achieved both on- and off-the-pitch; 3) include any available documented evidence to substantiate any assertions about achievements; and 4) provide a compelling summary argument as to why the nominee should be elected to the Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame. Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered by the Governing Committee.

The Tempe Rugby Club Hall of Fame Governing Committee will review the nominations and elect the new members on a three year cycle. Generally, there is no limit on the number of inductees, but the Governing Committee’s target is to enshrine 6-12 new members during the inaugural year (2019) and 0-5 new members every three years thereafter. The Nomination Philosophy will serve as the general framework guiding all nomination decisions.

During a nomination year, the following activities will occur under the direction of the Governing Committee Chairperson and the support if its members:
1. General announcement through all communication channels;
2. Nomination period opens (8 week window);
3. Nomination period closes;
4. Nominating Committee Mtng #1 – Rvw philosophy, criteria, & process;
5. Nominating Committee Mtng #2 – Rvw, discuss, & *vote for inductees;
6. Formally notify inductees in writing (or nearest relative if posthumous);
7. Formal announcement and presentation of Hall of Fame Class;
8. Update www.temperugby.wpmudev.host website

*Members of the Governing Committee are not eligible to vote for or nominate themselves.