Tempe Rugby Club, through its nationally acclaimed coaching staff and strategic planning initiative, has created a life-long player pathway.  

Members may follow an age appropriate rugby career through Tempe’s Youth (U8-U14), High School (U16, U19), and adult (Sr. Men’s, Sr. Women’s, Master’s) teams. Many of our members continue on to play representative rugby at the state, regional, national, and international level including, but not limited to the Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA), the United States Rugby Football Union (USARFU) national team system, the Major League Rugby (MLR) professional system, and world championships (Olympics, World Cup).

Tempe further recognizes the immeasurable and positive impact that higher education and university-level rugby development has  in developing a well-rounded person and athlete.  As such, Tempe is proud to partner with institutions that share many of our core principals, our winning legacy, and most of all our desire to help develop young individuals on- and off-the-pitch.  The Universities and their respective men’s and women’s rugby programs listed below were handpicked to represent Tempe high school graduates.  As a high school age athlete affiliated with the Tempe Rugby Club, we strongly encourage each of you to consider pursuing a college education, playing college rugby, and contacting any of these institutions for additional information (including funding options).

Interested in being a student athlete at Life University? Watch our video on what it takes to be a Life University Running Eagle athlete at Life U Athletics. To check out all of Life University’s Athletic programs, visit LIFE U Athletics. We hope to see you at Lupo Field!
LIFE University Contacts
Danielle Janssen | Regional Recruiter
1269 Barclay Circle, Marietta, GA | 30060
Office: 602.524.7702
Email: Danielle.Janssen@life.edu
Facebook: Discover Life University | Twitter: LifeUniversity | YouTube: LifeatLife

Recruiting – Request More Information
Coltan Cariaga | Head Coach
Email: JCariaga@LIFE.edu
Phone: 1-678-331-4340

Blake Bradford | Assistant Coach
Email: francis.bradford@life.edu
Phone: 1-517-899-6930

Recruiting – Request More Information
Rosalind Chou | Head Coach
Email: rosalind.chou@LIFE.edu
Phone: 1-979-324-9371

Kimberly Knipe | Assistant Coach
Email: Kimberly.knipe@LIFE.edu
Phone: 1-770-426-2771